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Monday, 10 May 2010

Tell the whole world what you are doing

Tell the whole world what you are doing

Xbox Live Logo.

I am new to Xbox Live. Only got it last week. Keep that info in the back of your mind when you read this.  

I was playing Pac-man on my Xbox when I received a text message – “Dude you suck”. Puzzled, I strike back with this clever reply – “huh?” In return I got, “Pac-man is for losers”. Shit. Apparently other people can see what you are doing on your Xbox, I did not know that. If only I was doing something manly like watching porn or something, but I got caught red handed playing Pac-man. Embarrassing. 

Turns out, Xbox Live is even more intrusive than Facebook. You can fine tune your privacy settings but by default people can see everything. They can see what games you have been playing and they can actually see how you are faring with the game.  

From now on only manly hard-core games like Gears of War and Batman for me! 

Stupid Boom Boom Rockets
Gonna miss you Boom Boom Rockets!