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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Drawn out Friday Time Waster

Drawn out Friday Time Waster

Drawn Together Logo.
These days, young people don’t do anything other than sit and watch mindless reality shows.  

In the good old days we did nothing but sit and watched mindless cartoons. 

Now Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein (3rd Rock from the Sun) created a reality show cartoon. Just like Big Brother or Real World from MTV, the show is about a bunch of cartoon characters that have to share a house with each other. 

Each character on the show resembles another cartoon character from real life. For example, Captain Hero is like Superman and Wooldoor Sockbat is obviously a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants. Every character’s animation is done the same way the original character is animated. 

Due to the complicated animation, Drawn Together is one of the most expensive shows on Cartoon Network with a lead time of 9 months! For a comparison – a South Park episode takes only four to five days to produce! 

All though Drawn Together was the show with the second highest viewers (after South Park) they got cancelled after the third season. Reasons cited where the high production cost and the fact that so many advertisers pulled their advertisements due to the content of the show. 

O, did I mention this show is wild. It’s fucking hard core. No topic is taboo and this show is not for kids. They would learn a lot though. 

Through its run of three seasons the show got a lot of flak from advertisers and morality groups who placed pressure on the producers of the show to tone down the profanity. 

Thank goodness the producers did not cave into pressure and kept producing this rocking show! 

Below is the first episode. Unfortunately the quality is shit. It seems that lawyers have been faithfully patrolling YouTube to prevent people from uploading Drawn Together episodes. It’s really hard to find episodes so this will have to do. Note to the lawyers – you guys suck!

Part 2:

Part 3:

And finally, part 4:

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

John Edward on steroids!

John Edward on steroids!

I have always thought that John Edwards is a bullshitter. Now 'Dave' comes along and display his skills at mind reading and the techinque he is using does not involve bullshitting!
This is a cautionary tale to us all!

Friday, 22 February 2013

New Ubuntu Tablet

New Ubuntu Tablet

The Ubuntu operating system that is based on Linux is the brainchild of South African Mark Shuttleworth. Used in a lot of public and private organisations, it is very popular around the world with a big support base.

The operating system is free and the pc version can be downloaded from here.

Now that they have firmly established themselves as a forced to be reckoned with in the desktop and mobile phone market, they have made the next step and created an OS for tablets.

I personally don’t use Linux, because I am not smart enough. Plus, I don’t like configuring new applications for 10 hours before they actually work. But on a tablet things might be different.

The applications in the app store have been tested to work out of the box and you don’t have to configure everything from the ground up. The Ubuntu tablet interface is very beautiful and they promise that it will deliver a smooth multi-tasking environment.

It could work.

But I will let Mark and his gigantic belt buckle explain it to you:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sony beats Microsoft...

Sony beats Microsoft...

The new Sony Play Station 4 revealed.
Sony beats Microsoft in the race to be the first to reveal the next generation of gaming consoles.

Last night in New York Sony revealed details of the new Play Station 4.

The console will be much more powerful then the current PS3, or in their words: "A powerful and accessible system"  with  "a deep feature set to support the ongoing evolution of gaming itself."

The PS4 will have a "huge" hardrive and 8 Gigs of RAM and 2 teraflops of processing power. The system will also support an interesting new idea...

You can start playing games while you are waiting for them to download. It seems that Sony streaming games will be a big thing with the new console. I wonder if Microsoft will be pushing the same thing with the new Xbox? They probably will.

Sony will also aim to make the their handheld gaming device the Play Station Vita more relevant. The aim to make every game that can run on the PS4 also run on the Vita. How realistic that is, I don't know. But we will see...

To learn more about the new PS 4 see Sony's press release.

Game review: DoDonPachi Maximum for Windows Phone

Game review: DoDonPachi Maximum for Windows Phone

DoDonPachi Logo

Apparently DonPacki (首領蜂) is a Japanese expression meaning angry leader bee or gun fire. Both these terms adequately describes what is going on the DoDonPachi Maximum. 

A mechanized alien race has attacked earth and you have to fight them in your fighter spaceship. As soon as you start the screen is filled with bullets and it is a fight to survive! 

I had a lot of fun playing this game, however, I feel this manic game does not translate well to the small screen of a Nokia 820. There is just too much shit on screen and you can barely see your spaceship! 

DoDonPachi - Good luck finding your ship in all that shit.
Good luck finding your ship in all that shit!
Frequently your finger will brush the Windows Home key at the bottom of the screen and you will immediately be taken back to the phone’s main menu. It is a giant irritation. The game would work much better on an iPhone with its sunken Home key that you cannot accidently brush against. 

Should you get DoDonPachi Maximum? If you have masochistic tendencies and like suffering by all means, get this game. Cave the developers of the DoDonPachi series prides themselves in the difficulty of the shooter and it is really not for pansies! I have reached the last level of the game, but that’s it. I am still trying in vain to complete the level, but they just laugh at me!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to expose an online scam

How to expose an online scam

Website logo of scammers

Do part time work as a translator.

I clicked on the link without thinking and immediately I felt dirty.
It is what they want. They want you to click on their links without thinking. I am not going to say if this site is a scam or not; I will present you with some clues and you can decide for yourself – is this site a scam or not?
The site
The site I landed on was a site advertising jobs for translators. Everywhere on the site are pictures of money and dollar signs. Testimonials of people excitedly declare how much money they are making.
So how do I know that this is horseshit if I did not try this myself?
Clue 1
First I did a lookup on Whois, is a service that displays information on who registered a certain website.
The website is registered to Moniker Privacy Services. Privacy Services? Dodgy. Why would somebody that offers jobs to people want to stay anonymous?
Clue 2
This is the section where they explain the sign up procedure:
What they don’t say here is that signing up is going to cost YOU money.
In fact, joining the site is not free, it cost’s $68!  The last time I checked, you don’t pay your client to do work for them, they pay you to do work for them.
Clue 3 

Look at the sales pitch. They need people URGENT! However, there are only limited positions, so, hurry or you are going to miss out. Don’t think! Just act!
Scroll down the page and you will see it again. 
Join today and you get 50% off. Again it is the same - Don't think. Act now. 

Don’t think, act now. It is what got me to their website in the first place.

Clue 4
Do a quick Google search for “ reviews” and you will find a bunch of reviews of the website.
Some will say it is a scam, some will praise the site.
Now take a closer look at the sites praising realtranslatorjobs – they link to realtranslatorjobs via ClickBank. In other words, they get paid to send traffic to realtranslatorjobs.
Last clue
Take a look at the testimonials: 
Blurry pictures of people claiming to make over a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Just for reference, at the time of writing $181,007  is more than a million Rand. Do you know who makes more than a million Rand? CEOs of big companies. Normal people don’t earn more than a million bucks a year. It is a law of nature.
Remember the number 1 rule of the Internet and life – If it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
Hopefully this article will help a few people avoid this and similar other websites.
Personal message to "Fuck you. Fuck you very much."

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

L.A. Noir Gag Reel

L.A. Noir Gag Reel

This video comes from the game L.A. Noir.

The game used motion capturing to capture actors movements and then translate it into a video game. The motion capturing was so good that when actors messed up in real live the actors in the video game messed up to!

Friday, 1 February 2013

A Killer Friday Time Waster

Killer Friday Time Waster

Happy Tree Friends Logo
Mondo Mini Shows is a production company that does not rely on traditional TV channels to spread their content, but rather they rely on the Internet for exposure and revenue.
They have been doing this for a long time and it seems the main stream is catching up. The likes of Apple TV and the new YouTube channels now also follow a new mind set – you watch what you want, when you want.
DSTV with their Box Office and PVR have also fallen in line. Could the death knell for normal TV be ringing?
Perhaps. But enough preaching from my Dorito stained pulpit, let’s get down to some murder, shall we?
In 1999 graphic artist Rhode Montijo, while working for Mondo Mini Shows, drew a picture of a rabbit with the caption – “Resistance is futile”.
From this one picture ideas grew and finally Mondo gave the go ahead to three artists, Rhode Montijo,Aubrey Ankrum and Kenn Navarro to produce a short cartoon based on the picture.
The cartoon called Banjo Frenzy was a big success and spawned an entire series called Happy Tree Friends.
Happy Tree Friends follows the (mis)adventures of a group of forest animals happily going about their daily business. It is sugary sweet in a Care Bears kind of way. Except that Care Bears have happy endings… 

 The carnage continues in Swelter Skelter: 
 Ready for one more? Here is I Nub You:
 There is an Xbox game based on the Happy Tree Friends, but is unfortunately a critical failure.  The game was developed by Stainless Games, and judging from their list of games, they mostly produce shitty games.
Hopefully, if they every make another game based on the Happy Tree Friends, they will produce a game that is every bit as good as the show is.
If you want more, the Happy Tree Friends website is rich with content. The website not only contains all the Happy Tree Friend episodes, they have also created video games based on the cartoon.
You can follow Happy Tree Friends on Twitter. You can also follow me on Twitter.
My Twitter feed is not as popular, but does not contain nearly as much murder. So there is that.
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