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Sunday, 11 December 2011

2011 Tech Highlight (sort of anyway)

iPhone 3G
When the iPhone was first released I read this review:
The iPhone is a piece of shit and so is your face.” The review influenced me so much that I never gave the iPhone a second thought.
However, through the years I have heard so many good things about the iPhone that when my Blackberry got “nationalized” earlier this year I thought that maybe it was time to get an iPhone and see for myself what the big hoo-haa is.
I bought a second hand iPhone 3G and was (un)pleasantly surprised by it. The phone is beautiful to look at and it works like a charm but the battery life was horrible. I had to charge the phone twice a day, but that was not the bad part…
I used the internet on the iPhone like I would use it on my Blackberry and in the first month I racked up a R900 data bill! Did I really consume so much data with my Blackberry? So I had to kill the 3G, turning the iPhone 3G into just an iPhone.
I also have a lot of documents on my phone and find it hard to navigate inside a lot of text without the help of some arrow keys. I really miss the slide out keyboard from my old phone.
So here is my suggestion for the ultimate iPhone: unlimited internet bandwidth like a Blackberry and an elegant slide out keyboard like the Sony Experia.
Now that would be a brilliant phone.
Bonus disappointment: my iPhone have not slipped any random sexual innuendo into my conversions yet.
iPhone fail

Source: runt-of-the-web
I am the proud owner of: Xbox 360 and an iPhone.

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