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Friday, 25 February 2011

Spot the geek - Friday Time Waster

Of these three celebrities below, can you spot the biggest geek? Hint: he runs his own gaming company.
Did you guess tough guy Vin Diesel? If you did, congrats, you got it. Of the three people up there, he is by far the geekiest. He likes to beat the shit out of people in movies and he likes to beat the shit out of people in games.
Vin started playing video games when he was young but he soon got bored with the one dimensional stories and switched to something with a richer and fuller storyline - Dungeons and Dragons. The nerdiest of nerd games.
He has been playing D&D for 20+ years now!
He always kept quiet about his dark secret until he heard that Steven Spielberg is working on the Medal of Honor games. That was his cue to come out of the geek closet and announce that he is going to start his own gaming studio – Tigon Studios.
Tigon Studio is dedicated to making games with great story lines. One of their first games was based on the Pitch black / Chronicles of Riddick movies, Chronicles of Riddick, Escape from Butcher’s bay.
I have noted before that games based on movies suck badly, but Escape from Butcher’s Bay is something else, it scored a whopping 90% on Metacritc. The critics and players loved the game.
Other games by Vin Diesel’s studio have also done well scoring (Wheelman) 65% and (Assault on Dark Athena) 80%.
Bonus geek fact: In the movie XXX, Vin Diesel sported a fake tattoo that read Melkor. Melkor is the name of one of his D&D characters.

Honorable Mention – Ice T

When Ice T is not rapping about shooting people, he is shooting people on Xbox. On his Twitter account he talks a lot about games and the games he is playing. Some of his favorite games include Call of Duty and Dead Space.