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Friday, 11 January 2013

Read my lips, it's Friday Time Waster

Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading logo
The exceptionally funny videos are done by an anonymous sound engineer from Texas.

In an email interview with the Washington Post, the creator of Bad Lip Reading (BLR) told them that years ago his mother suffered from hearing loss. As her hearing loss increased she automatically picked up the skill of lip reading. He tried to learn the skill himself but was terrible at it. He would sit and watch TV with the sound turned off and tried to guess what the people were saying but all he got was nonsensical sentences.

One day he filmed and recorded two people having a debate as part of a show for radio. One of the people involved in the debate kept mumbling softly to himself when the other guy was talking.

BLR had the idea to use his teribble lip reading skills to try and decipher what the candidate was saying to himself. He took the video of the debate and recorded what he thought the candidate was saying over it. The result was a video so hysterical that the rest of the people in the studio killed themselves laughing.

The success of the video prompted him to try his hand at a music video. It was right at that time that the Rebecca Black disaster ‘Friday’ was released.

BLR noticed that with the sound of, it seemed that Rebecca was mouthing the words Gang Fight and would make a great spoof. BLR’s YouTube video of “Gang Fight” got more than a million hits in less than a month.

Form there he moved on to tackle songs by Cold Play, Michael Bubble, One Direction and many more. The One Direction song is particularly funny since BLR cut the video to make it look like the trailer of a foreign movie. It’s really worth checking out.

Of course,when everybody is having fun somebody is going to come and spoil it. Lawyers representing Universal Music and Warner Music demanded that he takes down songs that they feel infringe on their copyright. So not all videos made by BLR are available anymore. Seriously, fuck you guys.

With the (remaing) videos being a great success BLR branched out spoofing movies and politicians.  

Of course Twilight is a target for BLR. We often see Twilight spoofs on the Internet. Most of them just insinuate that Edward is gay and do no more. However, the BLR spoofs of Twilight are hilarious. To anybody out there that want to spoof movies, this is how you do it:

Here is some more Twilight:


I think that the best BLR videos are the spoofs of politicians. We are used to songs with nonsensical lyrics but politicians are always well spoken and clear in what they are trying to say. So to see the stream of nonsense coming out of these respectable men and women is sidesplitting.
My absolute favourite BLR video:
These are just a few of the many awesome videos by BLR. Go find the rest on YouTube.

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