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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The world jeers the Xbox One!

The world jeers the new Xbox!

Last night Microsoft revealed the new Xbox called, Xbox One.
So far the world’s reaction the event is largely negative. For one thing, the design of the Xbox is shit. It looks like a Beta video machine from the 80’s. User@taherrangwala cheekily tweeted:  
Xbox looks like a box.

Second issue the world has with the new Xbox is the stupid name.
New Xbox name is stupid.

But, the issue that is overshadowing the whole event was Microsoft’s announcement that you will have to pay a licence fee if you want to play a second hand game. Any game will be tied to a console the first time it’s used. After that, anybody else that wants to play the game must first pay a fee.

To do some damage control Larry Hryb, one of the big wigs at Xbox, went on his blog to clarify the statement by saying: “…today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail…”

That quote does not really mean much and has not soothed gamer’s fears that they will have to pay to play old or borrowed games.

Currently Larry is being roasted alive on his blog by the commentators. A lot of gamers speculate that they will rather buy the new Playstation then the Xbox on condition that they don’t get screwed by Sony, since it is believed that Sony might also implement a similar kind fee.
Might as well buy a Playstation 4.
It is a shame that Microsoft fucked up the announcement of the new Xbox. I was looking forward to hear all about the new Xbox and its new innovations. Unfortunately, all we got is news that Microsoft wants to screw us harder.

What Microsoft should keep in the back of their minds is that EA Games has won the award for the worst company in America for the second year in a row! There are so many horrible companies in America such as Halliburton, AT&T, Ticketmaster, etc but the people have decided that a gaming company is even worse than them. Why did they choose EA? There are a lot of reasons but the chief reason is EA’s insistence on treating their customers like milk cows.
Watch out MS, next year you might win the Golden Poo!
You can join the world and harass Microsoft on Twitter with the currently trending tag #XboxOne.
Watch user Darkbeatdk delightedly taking the piss out of the new Xbox:


Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: Cut the rope

Review: Cut the rope

Cut the rope logo

Review: Cut the rope – Caution: Addictive personalities should steer clear

This creation from Zeptolab got me hooked and FAST!  I first downloaded the free game on my Samsung tablet and needless to say did the same on my phone. 

The game consists of 3 seasons and within each season there are different levels.  To unlock these levels you need a certain amount of stars.  Below is an illustration of the different games and levels.

Number of boxes
Levels per box
Total levels
Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (no longer available)

Source - Wikipedia

In each game you can obtain a maximum of three stars.  If you obtain only one star and get the candy into the weird looking frog’s mouth then you can proceed to the next game.   Here are 2 pics to illustrate just what I am talking about:
Cut the rope gameplayCut the rope gameplay

At first I thought that in some of the games it is just NOT possible to obtain 3 stars, BUT behold if you’re clever enough and kind of a good strategist you will find a way to obtain all the stars!  Being bit of a perfectionist and very competitive nothing less than 3 stars was acceptable for me hence the hours of fun me and the hubby had in bed at night! Yes, cutting the rope, and not the dope!

Go to Google Playstore to download your free game today! You won’t be able to stop the craziness!

Written by: Yvette de Villiers

Friday, 17 May 2013


First time gaming for the "Not so Geeky Girl"

Gamer Girl

When I was a little girl, I played the odd Mario Brothers, Pacman and other well known games from the early nineties.
It was only when meeting my husband at the ripe age of almost thirty, that I got re-introduced to gaming, this time on an Xbox 360.  I thought he was a bit nerdy for playing games, but then I got hooked myself.  NO! I am not nerdy, okay maybe just a little!
We started off with Call of Duty.  And it was a nightmare to get use to the controller. I couldn’t even bring myself to walk forward let alone shoot the enemy.  Luckily my nerdy husband had the patience to teach me.  We played Xbox Arcade games to teach me how to use my controller, and that changed everything for me.  I wasn’t afraid of the controller anymore, and I could now kick some serious arse in Call of Duty.  Just a pity that when you play Call of Duty split screen and you don’t finish the whole game, you will start from scratch the next time!  Darn – and for the “not so geeky gaming girl” this meant: chuck it in the fuck-it bucket!
Next mission: Gears of War 3.  I loved it!! It gave me such a kick to kill aliens, all that built up frustration and anger (from being a bean counter – NO THAT IS NOT NERDY!) was now aimed at aliens and no longer my husband! BUT then, my profile got corrupted and there was no more Gears of War 3 L,  apparently it was a common problem when you played split screen co-op, thank you Epic Games for ruining that for me.   See below a news article.  See I did not seek an excuse to rather go paint my toenails.

Gears of War 3 bug crashing consoles, corrupting profiles
Epic “working every second” to resolve the problemQuinton BronkhorstOctober 11, 2011
If you were planning on a split-screen co-op session of Gears of War 3 any time soon, you might just want to hold off on that a bit.
According to an increasing number of reports over on Epic’s forums, some kind of serious bug is hanging the game at load, and rendering one or both of the profiles present unable to play at all after that.
The bug seems to turn up in multiple game modes, including Horde, campaign, and versus multiplayer.
For the moment, Epic’s official line is that “Getting this resolved is a priority for Epic. We are collecting information internally, sourcing as much as possible from the community and exploring potential fixes. We do not have any recommendations to share with players just yet.”
Or, basically, don’t play split-screen co-op.
Don’t even play Gears of War 3.
Don’t even switch on your Xbox, man.

The worst bit? Gears of War 2 had exactly the same bug
-       Source:

Luckily I forgave Epic games and we started with Gears of War 1, because Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 was just too evil, no not the gruelling zombies, but they are very stingy giving away achievements AND you find yourself backed up in a corner too much for my liking. 

I am now on a journey discovering the weird and wonderful world of gaming.  And because there is not so many games that will attract a girls attention in a gaming store, I might just one day write my own game.
Okay hubby, “I got you back like a butt crack” lets continue with our gaming!

- By Yvette de Villiers

Friday, 3 May 2013

End of the cube insight

End of the cube insight

The Cube
Peter Molyneux’s  new brain child Curiosity, which is less of a game and more of a social experiment is quickly coming to an end. 

All the game is, is a gigantic cube floating in the air, hidden inside, an earth shattering secret. The cube consists of billions of smaller little cubes. By clicking on a cube the cube disappears and reveals the layer below it.  

Everybody in the world is helping each other to chip away at this mammoth to see what is inside the cube.

Unfortunately, only one person will see the secret. The person to break the last cube will get access to a live changing secret. What they do with the secret is up to them. Will they share it with the world or keep it to themselves? Will the secret even be worth it?

There is so much hype around this secret that is not possible to ever live up to the hype, however Peter M is confident that whoever is on the receiving and of that secret – his or her live will change forever.

Currently they project that the cube will be broken by the 9th of May. However as the race heats up and people’s curiosity piqued the end date might just move forward!

So join now while there are still blocks left to crush!

You can download the game on Android or iOS.
Curiosity Game Play