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Wednesday, 29 April 2009



Reset Generation Logo

I never bought Reset Generation on N-Gage, but guess what; you can play the entire game online, for free! Nice.

So I get the game and start looking around. The first thing I see is the online mode. Hmmm, wonder how that works? I select play online. A message pops up saying ‘Acquiring players’ next thing I know, I am in a live game with three other people.

Drop you blocks! Huh? What?

Reset Generation Screenshot
Stuff is going on all around me and I have NO idea what is going on.

Fire your canons! Now what?

Seems Reset Generation is a lot like chess but with cannons. You get a turn to move and a turn to fire your cannons. But since I don’t really know what is going on I am annihilated a few seconds later. So much for my first game of Reset Generation. I think it might be fun. I will play the tutorial, I have a suspicion playing the tutorial is a must.

Unlike System Rush that is dead in the water, Reset Generation has a very lively online community. You can even download the game assets to create your own games based on Reset Generation. They really put in a lot of effort in this website and it’s really worth checking out.

Try the game here:

Use Firefox, and be patient it takes a while to download.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Review: Mile High Pinball

In that movie ‘Last Action Hero’ the bad guy asks Arnold Schwarzenegger – “What do you know about pain?” Play Mile High Pinball and you will know all about pain.

This version of pinball is different from other pinball games. The idea is not to get the highest score possible, but to reach the top of the tower. When you shoot the ball out the top of the screen you advance to a higher level. If you miss the ball and it goes out the bottom, you drop back a level.

You can play the entire afternoon going up levels, make one small mistake and then watch helplessly as your ball plunge down level after level after level after …
It is really very painful.

And don’t think it is easy to shoot the ball to the top of screen, the developers, who must all be Satanists, made it devilishly hard to get the ball to the top. Obstructions have been carefully placed to block your way to the top. Your timing must be perfect.

To make things interesting, there are bosses to fight, secret levels to find, medallions to collect and superpowers to use. All in all, this is a great game and you will have to work hard to collect your 1000 NGP.

Verdict - Buy!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Getting started with NGP points

Getting started with NGP points

I recently met a cracker online. Chatting to people on the N-Gage forums I met somebody that says he has never bought an N-Gage game and only use cracked versions of N-Gage games.

He wanted to know why I would buy games if I could just get them for free. I said that I have got some games for free and that he should check out a certain website called I told him about the Ambassador program and that there are sometimes free N-Gage games up for grabs on the site.

He said that he will check it out. He then asked me an unexpected question…
How do you score N-Gage Points? So I guess you do not get NGP pickups while playing cracked games.

So to get him started on the straight and narrow path I told him he should get the demo for Soduko. Playing the demo will get him +- 500 NGP. Another demo that could give you a lot of NGP is the Monopoly demo.

I further suggested that for his first game he should buy Creatures of the Deep. The game gives great value for money and you can play the game for a long time without getting bored. Another game that will keep you busy for a long loooong time is Reset Generation.

He said cool, he is immediately going to try it. So hopefully he found the advice useful and found that buying N-Gages is not a complete waste of money.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

News: Wolfenstein

New Wolfenstein Released

Another Wolfenskein game. BJ Blazkowicz is back fighting the Nazis.

The Nazis are developing a mysterious new weapon using the power of the Black Sun from a parallel dimension called ‘The Veil’. Those Nazis sure are creative. Well its up to BJ Blazkowicz to stop them before they unleash it onto the world.

By now BJ Blazkowicz has killed more Nazis than the entire American Army put together. He must be some sort of a Boogeyman in Germany by now – ‘Mommy I can’t sleep, BJ Blazkowicz is under by bed!’