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Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday time waster

Friday Time Waster

The 80’s were a simpler time. Kids didn’t know drugs. Kids didn’t know crime. Kids didn’t know being inside a house on fire is a bad thing.
The good people at Hasbro Toys made a series of Public Service Announcements using G.I. Joe’s to tell kids to not be inside a house on fire. Then the internet age came along and the good people at Fensler Films reedited those PSAs to tell kids that being inside a house on fire is freakin’ hilarious.
Needless to say, Hasbro did not like the new edits and sued the pants of Fensler. They managed to get Fensler to remove the offending cartoons from the Fensler website. What they forgot, however, is that this is the internet, and what happens on the internet, stays on the internet. For ever.
When the script was written for a live action G.I. Joe film, the producers tried to include a reference to one of the most famous Fensler films – “Pork chop sandwiches”. When Hasbro’s legal team heard about it, they summarily put a stop to it. Despite the best efforts of their lawyers, the spoofed cartoons can still be found all over the internet to this very day.
I now proudly present to you “Pork chop sandwiches”, the cartoon that made some high priced lawyers shit their pants:
(WARNING: Please note the language in these cartoons is very NSFW!)
Some more delicious nonsense from the Fensler crew. 
Some more insanity with G.I. Joes:
For more of these cartoons, doing a quick YouTube search will get you loads more.

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