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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Review: Mile High Pinball

In that movie ‘Last Action Hero’ the bad guy asks Arnold Schwarzenegger – “What do you know about pain?” Play Mile High Pinball and you will know all about pain.

This version of pinball is different from other pinball games. The idea is not to get the highest score possible, but to reach the top of the tower. When you shoot the ball out the top of the screen you advance to a higher level. If you miss the ball and it goes out the bottom, you drop back a level.

You can play the entire afternoon going up levels, make one small mistake and then watch helplessly as your ball plunge down level after level after level after …
It is really very painful.

And don’t think it is easy to shoot the ball to the top of screen, the developers, who must all be Satanists, made it devilishly hard to get the ball to the top. Obstructions have been carefully placed to block your way to the top. Your timing must be perfect.

To make things interesting, there are bosses to fight, secret levels to find, medallions to collect and superpowers to use. All in all, this is a great game and you will have to work hard to collect your 1000 NGP.

Verdict - Buy!

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