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Friday, 22 February 2013

New Ubuntu Tablet

New Ubuntu Tablet

The Ubuntu operating system that is based on Linux is the brainchild of South African Mark Shuttleworth. Used in a lot of public and private organisations, it is very popular around the world with a big support base.

The operating system is free and the pc version can be downloaded from here.

Now that they have firmly established themselves as a forced to be reckoned with in the desktop and mobile phone market, they have made the next step and created an OS for tablets.

I personally don’t use Linux, because I am not smart enough. Plus, I don’t like configuring new applications for 10 hours before they actually work. But on a tablet things might be different.

The applications in the app store have been tested to work out of the box and you don’t have to configure everything from the ground up. The Ubuntu tablet interface is very beautiful and they promise that it will deliver a smooth multi-tasking environment.

It could work.

But I will let Mark and his gigantic belt buckle explain it to you:

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