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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to expose an online scam

How to expose an online scam

Website logo of scammers

Do part time work as a translator.

I clicked on the link without thinking and immediately I felt dirty.
It is what they want. They want you to click on their links without thinking. I am not going to say if this site is a scam or not; I will present you with some clues and you can decide for yourself – is this site a scam or not?
The site
The site I landed on was a site advertising jobs for translators. Everywhere on the site are pictures of money and dollar signs. Testimonials of people excitedly declare how much money they are making.
So how do I know that this is horseshit if I did not try this myself?
Clue 1
First I did a lookup on Whois, is a service that displays information on who registered a certain website.
The website is registered to Moniker Privacy Services. Privacy Services? Dodgy. Why would somebody that offers jobs to people want to stay anonymous?
Clue 2
This is the section where they explain the sign up procedure:
What they don’t say here is that signing up is going to cost YOU money.
In fact, joining the site is not free, it cost’s $68!  The last time I checked, you don’t pay your client to do work for them, they pay you to do work for them.
Clue 3 

Look at the sales pitch. They need people URGENT! However, there are only limited positions, so, hurry or you are going to miss out. Don’t think! Just act!
Scroll down the page and you will see it again. 
Join today and you get 50% off. Again it is the same - Don't think. Act now. 

Don’t think, act now. It is what got me to their website in the first place.

Clue 4
Do a quick Google search for “ reviews” and you will find a bunch of reviews of the website.
Some will say it is a scam, some will praise the site.
Now take a closer look at the sites praising realtranslatorjobs – they link to realtranslatorjobs via ClickBank. In other words, they get paid to send traffic to realtranslatorjobs.
Last clue
Take a look at the testimonials: 
Blurry pictures of people claiming to make over a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Just for reference, at the time of writing $181,007  is more than a million Rand. Do you know who makes more than a million Rand? CEOs of big companies. Normal people don’t earn more than a million bucks a year. It is a law of nature.
Remember the number 1 rule of the Internet and life – If it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
Hopefully this article will help a few people avoid this and similar other websites.
Personal message to "Fuck you. Fuck you very much."

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