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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Game review: DoDonPachi Maximum for Windows Phone

Game review: DoDonPachi Maximum for Windows Phone

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Apparently DonPacki (首領蜂) is a Japanese expression meaning angry leader bee or gun fire. Both these terms adequately describes what is going on the DoDonPachi Maximum. 

A mechanized alien race has attacked earth and you have to fight them in your fighter spaceship. As soon as you start the screen is filled with bullets and it is a fight to survive! 

I had a lot of fun playing this game, however, I feel this manic game does not translate well to the small screen of a Nokia 820. There is just too much shit on screen and you can barely see your spaceship! 

DoDonPachi - Good luck finding your ship in all that shit.
Good luck finding your ship in all that shit!
Frequently your finger will brush the Windows Home key at the bottom of the screen and you will immediately be taken back to the phone’s main menu. It is a giant irritation. The game would work much better on an iPhone with its sunken Home key that you cannot accidently brush against. 

Should you get DoDonPachi Maximum? If you have masochistic tendencies and like suffering by all means, get this game. Cave the developers of the DoDonPachi series prides themselves in the difficulty of the shooter and it is really not for pansies! I have reached the last level of the game, but that’s it. I am still trying in vain to complete the level, but they just laugh at me!

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