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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Much ado about something

Much ado about something


 [Archive - old article published on the now out of action website]

Last month woman’s right group in the USA kicked up a racket about a Japanese rape game. In this game the object of the game is to stalk, victimize and rape girls. The game did not break any Japanese laws and the developer of the game, Illusion Software, was “bewildered” that people outside of Japan actively campaigned against the game since the game is only released in Japan.

They stated – “We make the games for the domestic market and abide by laws here. We cannot possibly comment on (the campaign) because we don't sell them overseas”.

However the pressure from the West continued and last week after an emergency meeting it was decided to ban rape related games in Japan. Representatives of various gaming companies decided that it might be best to stop producing these kinds of games.

There was no law created to ban the games, just a sort of gentlemen’s agreement between various companies to stop producing games that focused on rape. This still leaves a lot of loop holes. 

Amateurs can still produce rape simulators or they can produce games that do not focus on rape, but still contains some rape. (like that is better) 

So a victory has been won for human right groups fighting these kinds of games, but the war is not over… 

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