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Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: Cut the rope

Review: Cut the rope

Cut the rope logo

Review: Cut the rope – Caution: Addictive personalities should steer clear

This creation from Zeptolab got me hooked and FAST!  I first downloaded the free game on my Samsung tablet and needless to say did the same on my phone. 

The game consists of 3 seasons and within each season there are different levels.  To unlock these levels you need a certain amount of stars.  Below is an illustration of the different games and levels.

Number of boxes
Levels per box
Total levels
Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (no longer available)

Source - Wikipedia

In each game you can obtain a maximum of three stars.  If you obtain only one star and get the candy into the weird looking frog’s mouth then you can proceed to the next game.   Here are 2 pics to illustrate just what I am talking about:
Cut the rope gameplayCut the rope gameplay

At first I thought that in some of the games it is just NOT possible to obtain 3 stars, BUT behold if you’re clever enough and kind of a good strategist you will find a way to obtain all the stars!  Being bit of a perfectionist and very competitive nothing less than 3 stars was acceptable for me hence the hours of fun me and the hubby had in bed at night! Yes, cutting the rope, and not the dope!

Go to Google Playstore to download your free game today! You won’t be able to stop the craziness!

Written by: Yvette de Villiers

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