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Friday, 3 May 2013

End of the cube insight

End of the cube insight

The Cube
Peter Molyneux’s  new brain child Curiosity, which is less of a game and more of a social experiment is quickly coming to an end. 

All the game is, is a gigantic cube floating in the air, hidden inside, an earth shattering secret. The cube consists of billions of smaller little cubes. By clicking on a cube the cube disappears and reveals the layer below it.  

Everybody in the world is helping each other to chip away at this mammoth to see what is inside the cube.

Unfortunately, only one person will see the secret. The person to break the last cube will get access to a live changing secret. What they do with the secret is up to them. Will they share it with the world or keep it to themselves? Will the secret even be worth it?

There is so much hype around this secret that is not possible to ever live up to the hype, however Peter M is confident that whoever is on the receiving and of that secret – his or her live will change forever.

Currently they project that the cube will be broken by the 9th of May. However as the race heats up and people’s curiosity piqued the end date might just move forward!

So join now while there are still blocks left to crush!

You can download the game on Android or iOS.
Curiosity Game Play


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