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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Getting started with NGP points

Getting started with NGP points

I recently met a cracker online. Chatting to people on the N-Gage forums I met somebody that says he has never bought an N-Gage game and only use cracked versions of N-Gage games.

He wanted to know why I would buy games if I could just get them for free. I said that I have got some games for free and that he should check out a certain website called I told him about the Ambassador program and that there are sometimes free N-Gage games up for grabs on the site.

He said that he will check it out. He then asked me an unexpected question…
How do you score N-Gage Points? So I guess you do not get NGP pickups while playing cracked games.

So to get him started on the straight and narrow path I told him he should get the demo for Soduko. Playing the demo will get him +- 500 NGP. Another demo that could give you a lot of NGP is the Monopoly demo.

I further suggested that for his first game he should buy Creatures of the Deep. The game gives great value for money and you can play the game for a long time without getting bored. Another game that will keep you busy for a long loooong time is Reset Generation.

He said cool, he is immediately going to try it. So hopefully he found the advice useful and found that buying N-Gages is not a complete waste of money.

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