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Wednesday, 29 April 2009



Reset Generation Logo

I never bought Reset Generation on N-Gage, but guess what; you can play the entire game online, for free! Nice.

So I get the game and start looking around. The first thing I see is the online mode. Hmmm, wonder how that works? I select play online. A message pops up saying ‘Acquiring players’ next thing I know, I am in a live game with three other people.

Drop you blocks! Huh? What?

Reset Generation Screenshot
Stuff is going on all around me and I have NO idea what is going on.

Fire your canons! Now what?

Seems Reset Generation is a lot like chess but with cannons. You get a turn to move and a turn to fire your cannons. But since I don’t really know what is going on I am annihilated a few seconds later. So much for my first game of Reset Generation. I think it might be fun. I will play the tutorial, I have a suspicion playing the tutorial is a must.

Unlike System Rush that is dead in the water, Reset Generation has a very lively online community. You can even download the game assets to create your own games based on Reset Generation. They really put in a lot of effort in this website and it’s really worth checking out.

Try the game here:

Use Firefox, and be patient it takes a while to download.

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