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Thursday, 6 June 2013

A thing of beauty. The most violent beat down since Under Siege.

The Pirate Bay Logo
Look, I don’t condone stealing and piracy is bad, mkay? But the records companies, RIAA and the MPAA are soulless monsters with 2 obsessions: money and the money they don’t have yet.

These assholes and their lawyers think they can police the world and seeing the guys over at 
Pirate bay stand up to these bullies is a thing of beauty.
For your reading pleasure, please find them here tearing the Web Sherriff a new asshole. (The Web Sherriff’s email is printed after the ‘>’ characters and the Pirate Bay responses is just below that.)
The Web Sherriff attacks again
Not content with the beat downs already received the Web Sherriff is back again. At this point it is like watching Steven Seagal beat the ever-loving crap out of Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege.
Finally, here is the invoice Pirate Bay sent Web Sherriff for their dry cleaning and wasting their time.
To find many more of their scuffles with lawyers / record companies from all over the world go their legal page, where they take down many more bullies.

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