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Monday, 17 November 2014

Movie Review: Sinister

Movie Review: Sinister

This movie's summary on IMDB says: A true crime writer realise that the murder he is researching could be the work of a serial killer.
Here is my summary: A blogger realise that the movie he is watching might be a load of crap. Turns out he is right.
Why did I think this movies stinks? 75% of this movie is just Ethan Hawk flailing about in the dark 'investigating' a noise he heard in his house. 20% of the movie is Ethan Hawk slurping whiskey in his study. The last 5% is stuff happening. They can really condense the movie into a 10 minute short and not loose any plot points.
The only scares in the movie are red herrings - a sudden screaching noise startles you but it turns out to be nothing.
Crappy movie. Crappy review. We are even.

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