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Friday, 22 March 2013

Extreme Friday Time Waster

Extreme Friday Time Waster 

Most Extreme Elimination

Takeshi’s Castle is an insane Japanese game show. People are forced to run an obstacle course from hell for a shot at the prize. Only nine people ever have won the prize, but, if you don’t die during the show – consider yourself a winner. 

While we laughed as someone crushed his neck by falling off a spinning mushroom, somewhere in the world somebody sat up and said: “not crazy enough!”

That's how we got Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Someone took the already crazy Takeshi and ramped up the crazy another 1000 decibels.  

Using footage from Takeshi, the creators, shuffled the scenes and provided their own audio for the show. What was already balls-to-the wall insanity is now a work of art. The fact that they have not won the Noble Prize for Literature is a travesty! 

 Not knowing the word 'Prize' Google's spellchecker will also not be winning any prizes soon.

Sit back and relax as these brave souls risk head and spinal trauma for your entertainment!


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