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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gears of War TV Advertisment

Gears of War TV Advertisment

The new Gears of War game called Judgement will be released in March.

This time around the iconic Marcus Fenix is not featured, instead it follows the adventures of Cole and Baird and the trial of their Kilo squad.

The game takes place just before the event of Gears of War 1. It is just after Emergence Day, the day that the Locust hordes swarmed up from below the surface of the planet and Baird and co is accused of treason.

A bonus feature of the game to unlock is the Aftermath mode. In Aftermath mode we get to see what Cole and Baird did during Gear of War 3 while we where busy following Marcus Fenix and Dom.

See more of the Aftermath mode here:

Personally, I am not too crazy about games where they mess around with the time lines. I want to see what happened after the last game, not what happened at some point in the past. I want to see them move the story forward. That being said, the lucky bastards at Lazy Gamers have already played the new GOW and they say it's fucking awesome!

For their thoughts on the game visit their website.

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