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Monday, 25 March 2013

Play Arcade Classic Asteroids

Play Arcade Classic Asteroids

It’s no secret that games are becoming more and more complex. Every generation needs new and more powerful hardware to run.
Although, technological superior and very advanced, I don’t feel that you need all those bells and whistles to have fun playing a game. Nowhere is it more evident than with the game Asteroids.
The original game only used 2 colours and a handful of different sound effects. The entire game was 8 kilobytes big. In comparison, the game God of War 3 is 35 gigabyte! If Asteroids is a tennis ball then God of War is Africa.
That said Asteroids is still just as much fun as the day it was released by Atari in 1979! Asteroids was such a good seller that Atari could barely keep up with the demand.
Give the game a change and soon you will find yourself unable to stop playing. My highest score so far has been 10 630. Not very impressive if you consider that the world record is 41,338,740!  It took John McAllister two and a half days of playing to get that score!
How long will you last?

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