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Friday, 20 February 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

...who has the shittiest website of them all?


Wait what?! No you’re not supposed to include us. Let me rephrase the question. Stupid mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the wall what game studio / publisher have the shittiest website of them all?


Yep, that’s a shitty website.
On Rockstar’s website the navigation menu is hidden. Only by hovering the mouse over the menu will the menu be displayed. Opening the page for the first time you think there is an error and the page didn’t load correctly.
Couple that with the fact that they use a font that is nearly the same color as the background makes Rockstar’s website win the award for the shittiest game studio website.

There is a saving grace however. Rockstar made some of their older classic games available as free downloads. Good Rockstar, that’s a good Rockstar.

Get the classic and very fun game GTA2 at:
HINT: the menu is just above the big R on the background.

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