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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tripping Friday Time Waster

Tripping Friday Time Waster

Tripping the Rift Logo
By far one of the more NSFW Friday Time Wasters, here is risqué Tripping the Rift. 

It is an animated series set in a universe that is very much like the Star Trek universe however it also has elements of Star Wars, Space Odyssey 2001 and Battlestar Galactica. 

The galaxy they live in is dominated by two forces – The Confederation and the Dark Clown Empire. The Confederation is a spoof of Star Trek’s Federation and the Dark Clowns of course, is a spoof of the evil Galactic Empire from Star Wars.

Living as a subject of either the Confederation or Dark Clowns is not easy. They exploit and dominate their subjects through various means.

Between the empires is a border region “The Rift” that is controlled by no one. Filled with outlaws and other undesirables, it is the only place to be truly free. It is here where the story of Chode McBlob, Six, Gus and a few others take place.

A pilot episode was made by Chris Moeller (King of the Hill) and Chuck Austen (Action Comics and X-Men). After seeing the pilot episode CineGroupe bought the rights and started developing a series for the Sci Fi Channel.
Naturally, the first thing a TV network does when doing a series is to demand that all the ‘undesirable’ elements be removed i.e. all the fun things. 

It is unfortunate that the TV series is not as good as the original pilot. In an interview director Bernie Denk acknowledges this but is confident that the subsequent series will be better as communication between the writers and the Network increases. 

Here is the pilot episode.
~Be warned that it is very NSFW with a lot of coarse language. Also, space boobies.~
Here is an episode from the series produced for the Sci Fi channel, the animation has vastly improved, unfortunately, the content is shit. To put it mildly. Really, you take something as brilliant as the pilot episode, strip away everything that made it good and now you have something for TV. It is no wonder that TV is dying a slow death.
YouTube beats TV on so many fronts. You get to watch what you want, when you want, and of course you get to see what the people that made the episode in the first place wants you to see. Not the bland, toned down tofu shit served up by TV networks. (Wow what a rant)
Anyways, here is the spoof on Space Odyssey - 2001 Space Idiocies.

Visit the Tripping the Rift website - They have lots more content there including comics and games.

For more Tripping the Rift episodes you can look on YouTube.

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