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Monday, 14 January 2013

Obama officially confirmed – no Death Star

Obama officially confirmed – no Death Star

Obama tweets - No Death Star

With this tweet Barack Obama shattered John D and 30 000 other American’s dream – The USA will not start work on a Star Wars like Death Star.

The Death Star
The infamous Death Star.

In November last year, a user called John D started a petition on the White House website. The petition asked the President to start working on a spaceship that would resemble the Death Star stating that it would spur job creation and further space exploration.

The petition gained momentum and was eventually signed by more than thirty thousand Americans. This was enough for the President to take notice and take an official stance. 

Unfortunately for John D, the President decided not to build a Death Star. In a statement released by Paul Shawcross, chief of the Science and Space Branch for the White House, Shawcross stated that building the Death Star would be very expensive and is not a good use for tax dollars, crushing any hope that John D had. 

Showing that he has a sense of humour, Shawcross continues that the USA does not support blowing up planets and it would be unwise to build such an expensive spaceship that has a serious design flaw. He was of course referring to the small hole in the Death Star that Luke Skywalker used to blow up the Death Star and save the galaxy from the evil empire.

However, Shawcross tells John D not to be disappointed because there various exciting space exploration projects going on at the moment.

Among the projects are the International Space Station that is the size of a football field, some more manned missions to the moon and the powerful James Webb Space Telescope. The James Webb Telescope will be so powerful that it would be able to tell scientist more about the origin of the universe!

To further show his good natured side he posted a link to President Obama fencing with a light saber!

Maybe going for the planet sized Death Star first was too much. Perhaps we should ask for something smaller that can be access by normal everyday people such as joy rides to the moon.

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