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Monday, 21 January 2013

Will the art of reading go extinct?

Will the art of reading go extinct?

Is the art of reading and writing going extinct? Browsing I spot this ad:

raedng is fr n00bs anywayz lol !!!1!

Older generations have always suspected that the newer generations are fucked. They are dumber, their music is stupider and the schools are getting worse. But there has been some genuine concern recently about the newest generation’s reading and writing skills.
Texting on cellphones and tweeting on Twitter has corroded writing skills and anybody that has browsed YouTube’s commenting sections will see the average YouTube commenter does not have very good reading comprehension and most arguments are settled by calling anyone that disagrees with you a ‘fag’.
However, as always, the new generations will find a way to make it work. We did, and the generation that is following us will too.

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