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Saturday, 4 July 2009

A tale of two New York cities (part 2)

A tale of two New York cities (Part two)

Last week a described the hell that is New York, in ‘A tale of two New York Cities’ when I reviewed Alone in the Dark. At any moment in New York there is a monster waiting to kill you. In Prototype it is the same, living in New York is a death sentence.

Review: Prototype

Prototype is an open world type game like Grand Theft Auto, but unlike Grand Theft Auto you have awesome mutant powers.
Again, you are the victim of some terrible government experiment. You can’t remember what happened but you do know that you want revenge. Good thing the experiment left you with some kick-ass mutant powers.
To get your revenge you must find out what happened to you by completing some missions. Each mission you complete helps you to remember what happened to you.
A very unique feature of Prototype is your ability to absorb other people’s memories. Other people’s memories are essentially small movie clips with some information on what happened. Every memory you add to your own will add extra pieces to the puzzle. Completing a mission will give you new chunks of memory. When you are between missions you can hunt in New York for people with special knowledge (like high ranking army officers and scientists) and absorb their memories. How do you absorb somebody’s memories? By eating the poor bastard alive. Living in New York must really suck.
If you don’t want to complete missions there are lots of other tasks and sub missions to do. Some of these sub missions are really hard and they will keep you busy for a long time.
Every task / sub mission or mission you complete earns you experience points.
I really liked this RPG element they brought into this game. You can spend your experience points on upgrading your character, making him tougher, stronger and giving him extra skills like running up vertical walls or driving.
You can get extra weapons, offensive abilities and defensive abilities. You have a lot of different offensive and a lot of different defensive abilities. Combine them to create different attack / defense combos. The number of combos is only limited by your imagination. Couple that with the fact that you can use guns, tanks and a lot of other assault vehicles you really have lots and lots of options when you want to attack or defend yourself.
Prototype is an exciting new game that combines the open world game play of Grand Theft Auto with the RPG elements of games like World of Warcraft. Running around New York wrecking havoc is fun, you feel like Wolverine, nobody can touch you, and if they try, you throw a bus at them or you throw a tank at them or get in the tank and drive over them…the list of things you can do is endless. It is no wonder that this game is a best seller.

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