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Saturday, 8 December 2012

[Archive] Review: Cafe Solitaire

Game Review: Cafe Solitaire


[Archive - old article reviewing a Nokia N-Gage game]
Who here have not secretly play Solitaire on the computer while at school or work? I know I have. Vegas mode; Cumulative Score. If I lose as much money in real life as I lost in Solitaire, I would be living in a box under a bridge right now. I played Solitaire so many times, that I am sick of solitaire and never want to see it again.

I did not think anybody wanted to play solitaire ever again but Digital Chocolate did. In Digital Chocolate’s Café Solitaire the idea is not to play Solitaire in solitary confinement. You join your friends in an online café. In the café you can display your trophies you have won, change the clothes of your character and answer questions about your friends.

Most import of all – accumulate points with your friends. Every time you play solitaire you score a certain amount of points. This all adds up and when your points reach a certain threshold, your café is upgraded to the next level. So there is the nice team work element.

There is about eight, nine or ten different solitaire games you can play. Can’t remember how many right now and can’t be bothered to go find out.

Some of them are easier than others. Some like Beleaguered Castle are so hard you will be bashing your head against the wall in frustration. But if you keep trying you will eventually be able to finish them all.

Speaking of finishing them all. There is a bug in the game. You can’t get the full 1000 N-Gage Points (NGP). Taking a look at online forums all over reveals a bunch of frustrated players stuck on 980 NGP. This really, really sucks because in N-Gage the entire point of playing the games is unlocking the full 1000 NGP.

Is it really so much to ask that you test your fucking game before you release into the wild Digital Chocolate? Next time you want to release something and your not sure its working, send it to me. I will test it, free of charge. Ok, for a small (big) fee.

Anyways, if you don’t mind only joining the 980 NGP club than this game is definitely worth checking out. It’s a great way to kill time and very challenging.


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