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Monday, 17 December 2012

Game Review: Gun Bros for Xbox

Game Review: Gun Bros for Xbox

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This week I am checking out a great new game that is free on Xbox Live – Gun Bros.
Gun Bros for Xbox
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The game is free to download and play but it does implement the freememium model. Under the freememium model you can use real world money to buy items in the game.

Action packed - Gun Bros
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Gun Bros is a simple top down game. Your Gun Bro stand in the middle of the screen and is rushed from all sides by enemies. Your job is to shoot them before they get to you. The further you advanced the more enemies rush you and will need better hardware to survive. You will have to buy better guns and armor from the store.

This is where the freememium model comes in. There are two types of currency in the game, gold coins and War Bucks. You can earn gold coins by playing the game but War Bucks can only be purchased with real money, and you probably guessed it, the best items can only be bought with War Bucks i.e. real money.

I don’t have a problem with this model, creating games is a business and you have to make money. It is just too bad that Glu, the developers, have gone completely overboard here.

The smallest amount of War Bucks you can buy is 50 which cost R115 ($13)! That is a LOT more than what your average game cost. And now for the punch in the nuts – The worthwhile items cost 500 to 600 War Bucks. There is a gun that cost over 3000 War Bucks!

Who will pay R6000 (+-$700) for an item in a cellphone game?

Sure, you can earn War Bucks by playing online games with friends, but to earn that kind of War Bucks will take ages.

Sorry Glu, I would support you, but this is too much.

Ok, so I am too poor to buy War Bucks, but at least I can still play the game with the normal items. The game is a lot of fun and the wild action makes it addictive.

If you have Xbox on your phone, the game is worth downloading, but I think supporting them by buying in games items is not worth it. Glu simply made the items too expensive.

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