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Thursday, 27 December 2012

An economist looks at James Bond villains scientifically

An economist looks at James Bond villains scientifically

I recently came across an interesting article on the website regarding James Bond villains. They wondered, if the villains killed James Bond when they had the chance and went through with their master plan, would the plan actually have worked?

James Bond laser
He's right there! Just shoot him!

They asked economist Jean-Jacques Dethier, Development Economics Vice-President at the World Bank,to take a look at the villain’s plans and then decide if the plan could have worked or not.

Some the plans had some merits, for example, in the movie Gold Finger, the villain Auric Goldfinger planned to blow up Fort Knox and destroy all the gold there. With all of the United States gold destroyed, the gold owned by Goldfinger would be worth a lot more and the Western world’s economy would be in chaos. Dethier, says that the plan could have worked if the gold was actually held at Fort Knox. Most of the gold owned by the US is held at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Woops.

The article goes on to examine more James Bond movies such as Live and Let Die, View to a kill, etc.

It is a very interesting article and puts the James Bond movies in a new perspective.


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