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Monday, 10 December 2012

Review of Xbox for Windows Phone

Review of Xbox for Windows Phone

Previously I checked out the games that you can get for Windows Phone. The picture was bleak with most of the games being ‘so-so’ at best.

Thank goodness for Xbox for Window Phone. The games on Xbox for Windows phone are a step up from the normal phone games. Not only are they of better quality, they integrate into Xbox Live so you can play with friends and unlock achievements that go on to your Xbox Live profile. I am a big achievement hunter so I took to the Xbox games like a duck to water.

There are some nice free Xbox games available so here is a quick overview of the free Xbox games.

Suduko for Windows Phone

Suduko for Xbox


I have never liked playing Suduko on a cellphone. Suduko is something that works better on paper. You can scratch with a pencil, make notes and erase wrong answers.

On the small screen of a cellphone, playing Suduko is hard because you cannot write down the clues you have, which is a crucial part of playing Suduko.

Suduko for Windows Phone changes that. With a very funky interface and the ability to make notes, playing Suduko on Xbox is a great experience.
Suduko game play
To take things up another step, Suduko on Xbox have implemented an Experience Points system. By completing puzzles you receive Experience Points. With enough XP you level up and unlock Special Items. These items can be used solve the harder puzzles.

If you like Suduko, you should definitely get the Xbox version on your phone.


Breeze is a game that works with your cellphone’s movement sensor. It is not a new concept, other phones have had games like this for years, but none the less, it is a fun little game.

You have to navigate a flower drifting on a breeze through a maze without letting the flower touch any of the obstacles.
Breeze is a fun and adictive little game.

Shuffle Party

 Another fun game, Shuffle Party is a mix between the game Fingerboard and bowling. You give a puck a push with your finger and it will slide down a board to the other end.

There are two modes of game play. First game mode is just like bowling; you slide the puck down the lane and see how many pins you can knock down. Beware - highly addictive.

Than there is the trick shot section. The lane is filled with obstacles and the objective is to get the puck around the obstacles and as close as possible to the red zone. The closer to the red zone, the more points you score.

It is a lot of fun but it quickly turns your screen into a smudgy piece of shit.


In a lame attempt to make a game about flowers seem cool and edgy they named the game Flowerz. Flowers / Flowerz, it's still lame.

I played the game for a while when I noticed there is a bug in the game, none of the achievements I unlocked propagated to Xbox Live. To the rest of the world I might as well never have played the game.

That taught me a lesson; I should never have played a game called Flowerz in the first place.

Although Flowerz is stupid, the rest of the free games on Xbox for Windows Phone are entertaining and worth checking out.

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